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I have noticed that my 18 month old granddaughter has been touching herself. This alone does not bother me to much, I assume its normal? What concerns me more is that she will place object near her vagina while in the tub or when I am changing her. Do I have something to worry about or not. Please help. Thank you :-(


Since you have noticed this strange behavior I presume that is something that is happening very often? Or you are just every concerned grandmother and you are paying attention to the things you usually wouldn’t. Did you try to talk with her parents about this? Have they notice the same thing?

My nephew was behaving similar but now this is big difference because he is a boy. But when he was 2 years old he was touching his penis all the time. Our pediatrician said that there is no reason to worry and that he will stop with this behavior.

Since you are worried you could mention this to the pediatrician next time you see himjust because it is better to be safe than sorry.