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I am getting worry. My baby is 10 days old, and today he started having a sagging scrotum. I heard that a sagging scrotum might signal illness in an infant. Is this true? Should I be alarm? His scrotum looked perfectly find until up to today.

Please advice.


First of all congratulations! I know that all young mothers are too much worried but I have read that this sometimes can happen and that usually disappears before baby’s first birthday.

But since every baby is different maybe it would be wise to consult your pediatrician about this matter. After all he is the expert and if this is a sign of any serious condition the sooner you discover it the better.


You have post this question year ago so I presume that by now you have resolved this problem. Would you care to share this information with us? Since there are so little information about this subject maybe some other worried mother will appreciate this more than we can imagine. Thank you in advance.