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hi i have twins girls they are 6 years this month, one of them is actualy masterbating , i found out that she do it after i put her to bed , she hides undrer the blanket and do it . i talked to her and told her to stop because she was hearting her self . then after like 2 months she did it again she hides uder the bed at her grand mother and do it . then she was she had red skin all over this area and asked me if i can put a cream for her because it hurts her when she walks. they started this behavior since they wre 3,they sits over abed o r chair and starts moving ,now she is using her hands. When i asked her why you are doing this ,she said i feel like iwant to do it and i feel hqappy . how can i deel with situation ? is it normal ? how can i stop her ? they are very busy they do lots o f activities , i am always with them , they are normnal and very intelligent at school , i dont want to her to startllying .


Don't make a big deal out of this, and never make your girls feel ashamed of themselves.
When your girl starts to masterbate in front of you, distract her in some way. Never tell her that she is hurting herself. Some children do rub themselves until they become irritated, keep the A&D on hand. Make mention of this when she goes to her Well Baby appt. next time. If she is lying about it, it's because she is scared that your going to yell at her or punish her in some way, never do that. Never make the kids feel like they are doing something "nasty" or "dirty"

I have 5 kids, 3 being girls. My middle daughter masterbated a lot. I didn't like it but what do you do? When i noticed her doing while watching tv with the rest of us i would just tell her to stop it. I wouldn't make a fuss to get the rest of the family's attention. My son used to "hump" the floor when he was young, again, i would just tell him to knock it off.
Keep an eye on her and watch that she doeasn't begin to introduce objects into her masterbation. If that happens then you really should make a fuss about it. Watch that it doesn't become an obsession with her and make sure she spends a lot of time with the family and not secluded thru out the day. Do mention this to her doctor.