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Hello, My Nephew is 9 years old. We recently noticed that one of his Kidneys functions only 13%. He does not have any symptoms or issues. He is so normal. Doctors are not sure if the Kidneys were behaving same by birth. For precautions, he is taking Antibiotics for now. Doctors are in the process of gathering full health details and planning for next actions. Meanwhile, please advice from your experiences if anyone had experienced similar behavior (without symptoms). Also, please suggest what kind of treatment we should be starting with. Appreciate your responses. Thanks.


whether your nephew take the tests, such as urine test, blood test ,kidney function test and so on. How do you know his kidney function is just 13%.

no symptom at the early stage is the feather of kidney disease. Once appearing the symptoms, such as high blood pressure, anemia, swelling and so on. the disease has been very serious. So if you want to find the effective treatment, the Chinese treatment is more better than just simple western medicine.