So a few weeks ago I woke up and noticed two small lumps behind my right ear.  Possibly on my mastoid process from what I've looked up.  I went to a doctor who said that they are lymph nodes and did not seem concerned about them.  I also felt ear infection type pains when I went to the doctor, but she said she did not see a lot of swelling back there.  She did say that I had a tonsil stone, but that should be nothing to worry about.  Now, a week after my appointment and have been taking antibiotics, I still have the 2 little lumps (unchanged) and have also been sick all weekend, congested, still have ear pains, and coughing a lot.  Is this something I should go see a doctor again about to get a second opinion or should I wait it out?  I am currently in college far from home and it is not always easy to get to a doctor.