I am 35 year old  male and unmarried . 2 years beofre I did  sex with a  married lady.  After one month started many problems on me..now i am away from my country.

Rash, diarrhea, joint pain, Thrush, throat infections,eye pain, eyelid infections , ear pressure , fever, swollen nodes, fatigue etc

After 6 months  other symptoms went away and  still I have  Eyelid bumps and lymph nodes  under left ear.. I tested for HIV, Hep B and VDRL  all negative..

then I went to a doctor, he gave me antibiotic for 7 days " cefpodoxime proxettil "  then I feel little relief.  problem still persisting.  I suspected Chlamydia and  took  Doxycycline  for 20 days..

That time aslo I feel little relief .  but still I have swollen nodes under left ear..and eyelid  bumps..               these bumps are very tiny ..

please advice me. what is my problem and what i want to do next