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I had unprotected sex September 11 took the morning after pill on Sept 12. It is now October 8th and i still have not gotten my period. I usally get my period by the end of each month. At first i wasn't freaking out i already took 2 pregnancy tests-both negative. But this morning in the shower i noticed a small amount of breast milk like maybe 2-3 drops. I do have a son he is now 2 i only breastfed for a couple weeks amd stopped. Is this normal? Can anybody tell me what might be going on, i am worried. 


Hi guest,

Your period can be late after taking an ECP. 

ECP's contain large amounts of hormones.  While not a common side effect it could trigger lactation.

When did you last test?  Be sure to use ONLY your first morning urine as it is more concentrated and therefore more likely to give a correct reading.

ECP's are not as effective as a daily pill or condom but you did take it when it should be most effective.

Good luck.