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Hello yall, I need pregnancy and HBA1C advice please! I have diabetes and I just got pregnant and this was not planned and I certainly was not prepared for this. I've never really understood HBA1C measurements and I would like to know more about them and what it means. I know that I need to maintain a certain value for my pregnancy but don't fully understand what that means for me and my baby. I heard that diabetes can cause problems in terms of birth defects and baby weight and for me as well. Can someone please help. Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



Hello, As I'm sure you already know, managing your blood sugar levels is important at all times but particularly when you want to get pregnant or if you develop diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes). Managing your diabetes is crucial to minimizing any risks to your baby. Your doctor will use the HBA1C test to keep an eye out on your sugar levels. What the HBA1C test measure is your glycated hemoglobin levels. This test should provide an average sugar level over the past 8 to 10 weeks. If you have diabetes you should shoot for an HBA1C of 43 mmol/mol (6.1 percent) or lower if you are planning to get pregnant. This test should be given to you each month to help monitor your sugar levels. If you meet this then you should have minimal risk of developing birth defects. If you are above this reading then you should wait to get pregnant when you have better sugar control. If you are already pregnant the same numbers apply. While you are pregnant you should have HBA1C of 3.5 to 5.9 before meals and 7.8 or lower one hour after you eat. If you become pregnant and it was not planned you need to achieve HBA1C of 43 as soon as you can.