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So I had my period on December 14, and now it is January 18. I am late by a couple days. I've been very tired, nauseous and bouncing between really hungry and no appetite for a couple weeks. I took a First Response test on January 14th, and it was a faint positive. The next morning, I took a digital one, same brand, and it was negative. I've had really tiny painless cramps for a couple days, sore breasts, and bloating. January 17th I took another test, negative. And I had another negative again today. 

Im just really confused as to why I got that one first positive. If its too early to detect the hormone, why did the First Response one detect it? Could I have had an early miscarriage  I started cramping and spotting today, but still not enough to need to wear a pad or tampon.

Does anybody know/relate to what im going through?


Yes you are pregnant :D a test can show a false negative but never a false positive. It doesn't matter how faint the line is a positive is a positive. Congratulations