I am wondering if anyone has ever had 3 Surgeries for a Subdural Hematoma with a Factor 7 Bleeding Disorder? My dad is in the hospital in NY for his for 3rd surgery and none of the doctors can figure out what brought it on. He didn't hit his head... he just got dizzy and fell to the floor and after getting a CT Scan in the hospital, we found out that the right side of his head filled up with blood. The neurosurgeons and hematologists can't figure out what is causing the excess blood to come so quickly. He had a CT scan on the 18th which came back positive and then his head filled up with blood on the 28th with no warning. In between he was tested for a thyroid problem; liver problem and a vitamin deficiency and all came back as negative. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this or if they know of any good doctors in the NYC area? Any help would be greatly appreciated.