Hi my name is Shona-maree and I have  just had surgery 7 day's ago for a subdural haematoma.  I was given medication in hospital to try and reduce the swelling on my brain but this didn't work.  So on my 2nd scan the haematoma had grown. I  was then kept in but discharged after 5 day's with my systoms not improving. Then on the Thursday night went back to my gp after hours and was advised to go back to hospital and then restarted on the same medication.  I was then seen by a Dr Travis at the hut hospital and he referred me to the neurological depth at wellington hospital  due to me walking to the left and progressive weakness on my right n left side. Once there I was told that I might need a operation, this was on Saturday night and then I was in surgery on Monday afternoon. No support from my partner all thus time. Surgery came and off I went and once they open my head up the haematoma had grown quite alot. I was very lucky otherwise I would not be here now. So they completed the Burr hole surgery with a large portion of hair removed and incision on my right side. It is one of the most painful thing I have been through but very grateful to be here. On two hour wake ups it soon takes it out of you. Finally home 2 days post operative, still having problems. Memory not so good between all of this and still the same now.  Still not getting much support from my partner so having to do alot of things and he still arguing with me. Hopefully staples out on Thursday and returning to work on the 2nd of February.