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I had sugery to remove a blockage in my small bowel. Two weeks after the surgery, I was back in the hospital with a painful grapefruit-size hematoma at the repair site. A CT scan of the hematoma revealed a leak in the intestine into the hematoma. along with the blood. A second surgery was performed to drain the hematoma. The blood was removed and two drains were placed in the resulting cavity.
These drains had vacuum bulbs on them and for the first ten days removed intestinal fluid (bile). The hole in the intestine finally closed and the drains then began removing pinkish pus or mucous. After approx. two weeks, my doctor removed the vacuum bulbs but left the actual drain tubes in. He pulled them out approx. one inch and wants to remove them a little at a time over the next few weeks.

He seemed to think that once the bulbs were removed, the drainage would stop, which is not the case. For the last ten days, I have had to keep dressings over the short tubes sticking out of my stomach to collect this same pus. He can't give me an answer as to exactly what this stuff is, where it is coming from, or why my body is still producing it. Any ideas? It's really getting old.



Hi there, it sounds like the drainage is causing you a lot of issues! I think that if I were you, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion and ask for one, because your doctor doesn't sound like he's going to take the initiative to consult. What do you think?