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Agreed about the novacaine block lasting 2 days and then the pain sets in. Mine was very mild and I took only 1/2 of a Vicodan to sleep and only for 2-3 days at most. After a few days I used an occasional Tylenol. I finally put full weight on my operative foot this week at about 2.5 wks post-op. It felt tight and burning and tender but not shooting pain.

I'm in a DynaSplint 3 times a day. DynaSplint moves the toe joint back for 30 mins and then I use a separate DynaSplint to move the toe joint forward for 30 mins. Each day I tighten the screw a bit to make it more forceful and thus increase the 'stretch' of the toe. It's a bit scary at first but then it's fine....I use my laptop while I'm in the stretching splint.

The stretch is important so that the toe will have complete range of motion, necessary for the toe to touch the ground for walking. Otherwise your toe will stay fused in the slightly 'up' position and you wont' have it to bear weight.
I'm told I'll use the DynaSplint for a good 6-8 weeks or more. My insurance company covers the cost (around $600/month). Much cheaper than going to PT and it keeps the toe stretched for much, much longer than a PT visit.

I'm not driving yet....I'm in the shower with full weight bearing(it's tender)....I'm still walking in the large plastic ski boot. The boot is a Godsend, without I could not walk very far (just hobbling around the house short distances without it).

I got a scare this week: foot was very swollen, reddish-purple and red hot to touch. Doc put me on antibiotics in case it was a cellulitis. Can't take chances with THAT. After 2 doses, the purple and hot to touch went away. It's still burning a bit, swollen and reddish....but much, much better.

Hope all is well...

California Dreamin


Thank you for sharing your personal experience with us.


Calif. Dreamin, my doctor gave me a velcro toe splint. It serves two functions. Protects the wound area and slightly helps pull the toe to the side (away from the other toes). Can you explain the movement of your toe in the dynasplint in more detail please? You mentioned you have 2 of them. Are you wearing both at the same time? I'm guessing the tension would be for the toe to be in the upward position and then lowered in the opposite direction. Since my band stretches are primarily used for my knees (petella femoral issues), can you also describe any stretches you do for your foot?
I am at 3 and a half weeks post-op now. I've been wiggling my toes more lately and feel a bit more pain since I've started doing this a couple of days ago.
I can drive now. I have to change into a special "driving shoe", once I get into my car. Once I reach my destination, I have to switch back into the compression boot. I'm only confident enough to drive locally. I haven't been on the highway since surgery. I'm also not willing to use my surgery foot to step on the brake. I shadow it with my left and do pretty good. A BIG help for me was purchasing and installing pedal extenders for the gas and brake. I am only 5'2" in height, so these extenders have me using more of my foot rather than using my toes. It also helps take alot of pressure off my knees.
One last question...When you said you can put full weight on both feet (even though it may have burned & been a bit sore), were you wearing the boot or in bare feet ? I am still unable to put my full weight on both feet unless I'm wearing the boot.
Best wishes.


Hi ruby, I totally agree. My sister just had this surgery and they don't have any dynasplints available but I want to know more about it because I might be getting bunion surgery myself soon. Let us know CA dreaming if you're still around!! thanks :-)