Hello, so I started smoking occasionally two years ago (bumping cigarettes off friends) and started buying packs throughout this past year. I usually smoked 1-3 cigarettes a day and on a weekend day I could smoke up to 5-6. Within the last three weeks I've noticed that I can not take as deep of breaths as before. This happened once before, but after a three day break my breathing returned to normal. This time after waiting three days, my breathing did not improve. Worried, I finally decided to fully educate myself on all the consequences of smoking. Turns out its not worth it (surprise) and I'm ready to quit before it gets any worse. I have a good support system, so I am not worried about quitting itself. Will quitting completely be enough for my lungs to heal, or should I make a trip to see the doctor as well? However, I would really like to avoid making a trip to the doctor if possible. I also wanted to add that I have still been able to maintain an exercise routine (running about three times a week) if this can give any indication of my current situation.

tl:dr: Smoking for about a year (1-3 cigarettes a day), lungs started to feel tight and can no longer take deep breaths, will quitting be enough or should I see a doctor?