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Hi there,

I am leaving a message on here to ask for your advice as my doctor is no help and ENT specialists I have been to, claim my throat is normal just a little blocked.

I am a 22 year old male and had my tonsils removed 4 years ago and I have had problems ever since and i deeply regret ever getting my tonsils removed.

The first day after surgery my throat was excessively bleeding and i was choking but by the time I got to the emergency it had stopped and they sent me home.

My throat is constantly blocked, dry (I have to constantly drink water so this is effecting my ability in my job as I have to continously go to the bathroom and also as I have to drink otherwise I can't breathe properly as my throat is blocked I get up several times during the night choking and I have not slept a full night since having the operation), my speech is slow and some words for some reason I can manage to say without stopping first - it's weird it's as though my throat stops me. I constantly have to cough up or swallow down to clear my throat. I have gained weight as I can't breathe properly and can no longer particpate in any sports. My neck is also really swollen and very painful.

My doctor has said there was nothing wrong and sent me to ENT specialists who say they can see it's blocked and gave me sprays, steriods etc to try clear it but nothing worked and told me it was nothing to do with my tonsils removed.

Due to the breathing problems I was told a septoplasty may help so I had this surgery but it made no difference except deformed one side of my nose (which is a completely different matter!! :-) )

This is ruining not just my personal life but because I now speak slowly and some words are hard to pronounce it is effecting my career - I have been told by interviewers this is the only reason I didn't get several jobs.

So I am posting on here to ask if any of you have any opinions of what's wrong or if anyone has any similar problems?

I would be pleased for any response.

Thanks :-)


Have you thought about having your thyroid checked? My mom had a similar problem and she was told she had GERD (google it) and an enlarged thyroid which caused her to feel like her airway was closed and she always had to clear her throat, drink water, words got stuck on the way out etc.


thanks MsMaryMary - I will give it a go.