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I've currently had a sore throat for 4-5 months after i had a sinus infection, the green mucus has continued until now to and recently has gotten a lot worst. I'm going crazy right now I went to a ENT yesterday and he said that nothing was wrong. But he has seen stuff like this before and i should use a generic brand of flonase for a month and see how i feel and if i'm still miserable get my tonsils removed. the green mucus infers an infection right i've currently been getting a lot more and my sore throat has gotten worst. I've started yesterday and i guess ill see what happens but my throat is driving me crazy. What should i do, do any of you know what it is??


In my opinion nobody can give you better advice from your doctor. My best friend had the same problems as you do and since he got tired of everything at the end he has removed his tonsils.

He was smoking before the surgery and the doctor told him to stop after they remove his tonsils but off course he didn’t. From time to time he get sick and this is more frequently than before of the removal of his tonsils. And it is usually just his toroth, sometimes nose. So now he is considering stopping smoking because he can’t get his tonsils back obviously but he said that few other people have the same problems after they have removed their tonsils.

It has been a while since you posted this question so by now you are probably resolved your problems. Did you removed your tonsils or you still have them? And how is this affecting your throat problems?