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Hi there,

I am just leaving a message on here to see if any of you could help me?

Since having a tonsillectomy 4 years ago I have not been able to breathe properly and my throat is constantly sore as it feels as though my throat is constantly blocked and I have to cough it up. It is thick mucus and I never had this problem before I had my tonsils removed - It is really bad as since I have had my tonsils removed I haven't been able to sleep a whole night as I have to wake up as I can't breathe because my throat is blocked.

I have been to various doctors and they've told me they can't see anything wrong. My doctor told me I should get a septoplasty as this may help with my overall breathing, but that didn't nothing for me - just gave me a sore nose and also has left me with a big dent in my nose.

I have tried all the sprays, all the tablets and everything else to try clear my throat but nothing works.

I want this mucus away as it is really affecting me, I am self conscious of speaking to anyone and because I can't breathe properly from my nose I have to stop in mid sentence just to breathe, also if I cough sometimes it just comes out.

I advise anyone who's thinking of a tonsillectomy to seriously think about it - if I could go back I would much rather have a sore throat every few months rather than having one every day for over 4 years.

Thanks in advance for any help.


There may be a problem with your lymphatic system being unable to drain after getting the tonsils removed. I suggest you see a homeopath or naturopath, especially one specializing in EDS or biomeridian. They've helped me a great deal. It's at least worth a shot, since you've seen many doctors.


Ok thanks for that BedsonTrudeau

Will give it a go - every doctor or ENT specialist I see have no idea.

So thanks again :-)