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Hello Advisor,

My father in law, age 67 has been diagnosed with Chorea and dementia. It all has been too sudden, in precisely 48 Hrs, though on hindsight, he did show signs of anger, violent behaviour, irritability, excessive concern with personal care especially with respect to nutrition and high protein diet etc as also an awkward walking style since last 7-8 yrs. But since he walked almost 6-8 km every day, and a seemingly good health, albeit very thin body, it never occured to us that he could be suffering from such a disease. In the last 48 Hrs however, his state of health has sharply deteriorated. He is barely able to eat, even taking prescribed medicines and water has become a major problem, i guess he cannot gulp/swallow properly. He looks stressed out, with high level of anxiety, a very bad dry cough and high to low ranging fever.

Could you pl educate us on the stage of his condition and what can be done to improve his present state. Also, pl educate on the likely chances of my wife age 37, suffering from similar state in the future as she is patient of epilepsy (myclonic, occurence of episodes once in 2 or 3 yrs only and that too whenever she has closed her eyes after getting up from sleep) but leads a normal and competent life. Some mood swings and anger however do occur, as also seldom slurring when engaged in serious talk.


Hi there, I'm sorry to hear that your father in law's condition went downhill so quickly in the past couple of days. He needs to see a doctor right now because it sounds like he's not doing so well, and he needs immediate care. It looks like it has been a few days since you posted. Were you able to get him to a doctor quickly?