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Last night I ran 8.6 wonderful, yet hot, miles. Evening runs usually prove eventful (go figure with me!) so I'm always on the ready, looking for something to happen. Around mile 5 I saw my little redheaded 8YO friend, who ran up screaming "Mrs.! Mrs.! You're back! Wait here!" Some of you might remember that I've run into this girl every now and again in the evenings since last September; this is the same girl who rigged the mock finish line for me a few weeks back. She always says she "wants to be a runner like me". I hope for her sake she's a lot faster. :D Anyhoo, she ran in the house, and came out with her mom and some Gatorade. Her mother said Red insisted she buy Gatorade for my next visit, since water wasn't enough during the heat. I shared some cookies and drank some Gatorade, chatted a bit, thanked them, and continued on with a smile.

Around mile 7 at Somerton Park a teenage girl on a cell phone narrowly missed plowing me down on the road. Jumped the curb to avoid getting mowed down. Continued on. All of a sudden her car was in front of me again. "I'm sorry I came so close to you. I'm sorry I bothered your run." I said no problem, and asked if she needed directions or something. "No, I just wanted to apologize. I probably scared the hell out of you, and I'm sorry." This girl was 17, 18. It's so rare to see genuine sincerity and politeness in someone so young. I was very touched, and said so.

It constantly amazes me that just around the corner, just when you least expect it, there are good, decent people. Always a pleasant surprise. After a crappy corporate week full of knockdown fights and bickering, I felt a little better about humanity.


Cool. could you send th 17/18 y/o down here to teach our drivers some manners?

good to hear a "good" human story.