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Hey friends.

How are you?

I just came back from my friend. We were together in senior high, and time just separate us for a while. I am really glad because we are in touch again, and I hope that we will be friends again.

When we were together, her dog Carlitto was with her. It is a lovely Airedale Terrier, but he seems really sad :/

She told me that her dog was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and that she don’t know much about it. She wants me to help her.

Tell me, what food can you give to your dog with hypothyroidism?

Tnx in advance! 


Hello. Airedale Terriers are a little bit sensitive dogs. It seem to me like they are always sad, so I really don’t believe that this hypothyroidism is the reason why he is not happy. Don’t worry, there is a cure for this. There are a lot of  wheat – based supplements that are formulated specifically to balance a high meat diet program. Also, foods with iodine has been added to table salt to counteract deficiencies. So, I think that foods with iodine are good options as well. You should avoid salt, or feed your dog with meals that don’t have a lot of salt as well. Prepare always fresh meat or vegetable. And, remember, salt is not a cure for thyroid disease. 



Hello everyone.

My friend has a 13 year old Labrador, and I remember that a few months ago he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

The worst thing is that she is diabetic as well. So, she was giving her raw, high quality food. I remember that she was really weak, her appetite was poor, and she was struggling to get her eat much more – actually, to eat enough.

She was struggling giving her raw food, but her vet suggested her to do this, because that is a very healthy way.

So, she was trying sooo hard. But, she did it.

Her dog is still good and alive. I think that raw food is the best option when your dog is diagnosed with hypothyroidism. 



Hey there.

I also do believe that raw food is the best option, especially after I did some research.

I was really against this food at the beginning, but very soon, I saw all benefits of it.


You should know that there is no place for low quality food if your dog was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

That is why I suggest that you may prefer to make your own food. If you are for commercial pet foods, you should know that they are high in salt, and preparing food alone includes:

  • Fresh vegetables,
  • Rice,
  • Lamb,
  • Chicken,
  • Small salt intake.

Dog with hypothyroidism require sufficient protein in their diet, some healthy fats to help them produce energy.

Please, avoid salts and cooking oils.