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Hi guys,

over the last few days I've become obsessed in reading these forums about women who had these same symptoms but weren't sure if they were pregnant or not. Here is my situation:

- 12 days late; last period was on June 25- usually 28 day period ( always been regular)

- never been late, never missed period

- no sign of period, cramping, more hungry

- weight gain, very bloated, gassy, slight constipation

- breasts seem bigger, but no soreness, just more firm

- slight dizziness at times, no nausea

I did 3 hpt and all same negative (1st response and clearblue), last one was with 1st pee and negative.

Went to dr. on July 30 and took a blood test, came up negative with HCG of 1. Doctor said if preggo would be 25 or more. Diagnosis- not pregnant. He said it might be stress, anxiety bcs of wanting pregnancy and more on psychological level. Advised that period will come and I should wait a week to 10 days to see, if not come back and re-test. I had this feeling i am preggo, i have this glow too, no breakouts, clear complexion, cramping similar to period but much milder. Today i had pain in my left ovary and just sharp pain/cramping in lower abdomen.

I am nervous, bcs not sure what is happening to me and if I am not pregnant why I am so late. This never happened to me. I am 28 and no past pregnancies. If i am not pregnant really is there a possibility I have a cyst or something and could that make my period so late??? I had a cyst  few yr ago and ended up losing concience and a lot of pain. They told me these things happen.

Any thoughts?


Thank you



there is always a chance for a false negative, there are a lot of things you have to factor into this, when you look at what you have done over the past month have you changed anything meds exercise eating habit work schedule jobs take on more then what you normally do. all these could factor in but then again when my mom was pg with me she had 2 blood tests and 3 urine tests all came up - until she was about 3 months


Hi, not sure if this is still a live conversation but i am going through the same thing and wondered if you had any results?

I am 12 days late and always 28/29 days. Last month doctor said i had a chemical pregnancy, but went to the docs about this and they are sending me for a scan on friday as think it could be a cyst. I don't have any symptoms as such for pregnancy just tiredness, sickness and back ache. Had 5 BFN on HPT too so don't know what to think. It's so frustrating! most feeds i have found have since gone so hoping this one is still live - if you could let me know how things went with you x