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I was rushed to the er about a month ago and was told that the unbearable pain i was having were the side affects of IBS. Now a month later, I'm having the same pain but worst...!!! If anyone has any idea or answers as to what direction i should go with these symptoms please do help cause its really unbearable!!!!


Hello there


Most common symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are: cramping, bloated feeling, gas, diarrhea or constipation and sometimes even mucus in a stool.

This is common disorder which affects colon. Although symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are very unpleasant this condition doesn’t cause any permanent damage to the colon. As your doctors have informed you first time treatment focuses on the relief of symptoms so that you can live as normally as possible. The pain which you are experiencing now is definitely something you need to take care of and the only way to do this is to visit your doctor again.

Try to make healthy diet plan which is going to reduce your symptoms and avoid stressful situations in your life because stress only contributes to this condition.