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Good day everyone,

I need help, recently(2 months ago) i was experienceing severe pain in my lower back (left) and abdomen(left).  i tried ignoring it and it wouldnt go away. The pain also came with nausea and fatigue, so i went to see a doctor, we did a scan and found 2 cysts, but he said that maybe the cause and the same way they came, they should go. I should only take pain killers to surpress the pain.

The pain is back, much worse. Last week, i had to stop driving in traffic for an hour to let the pain ease.

i still have the nauseating feeling in my mouth and now water tastes absolutely disgusting to me( i love water, but for some days now it tastes so bitter, i  cant drink water).

The abdominal pain is slowly spreading across my lower abdomen, the lower back and arm pain is still only on the left side.

Please please please can someone help me. The pain is more aching than piercing, so its bearable but still very much painfull.

Also to note, i have terrible gas problems.


Did you find out what's wrong?