I have a knot in my back behind the shoulder blade on left side feels like a knife in my back. All my joints in my arms and wrist are in very bad pain. My left breast is hurting, feels sore and but no lumps. The glands under my left arm pit hurt, but don't feel any swelling. The right side of my body hurts on and off but not as bad as the left side. My ears pop and hurt on and off. I'm use to having some back pain and usually can stop it by applying ice...but ice doesn't do anything for this pain. If i put a heating pad on aching areas it feels better....but always comes back after I remove it. I kept thinking it would go away....but it's getting much worse instead. I've tried chriopractor & acupuncture...but still hurts.

I had authoscopic knee surgery on Dec 27. Both knees ached for a long time...it seemed the tissue hurt...not the bones. I had an ear ache in late October/November before the surgery.