Dear all,

I have been having abdominal pains on the right hand side of my tummy for close to two years now

The Pain is usually accompanied with fever, malaise and weakness

I have run two CT scans, an endoscopy, i even did a laproscopy, i was told my pancreas was inflamed and my appendix elongated

my appendix was removed and a biopsy of my pancreas taken to the lab, it came back okay

I was told all would be fine, but i was still feeling pains, the doctors decided to place me on Pancrex or creon ( a drug for the pancreas)

There was a bit of improvement ( at list i thot for some days), then it got worse..I got more feverish, my stool was very loose then diahorea and weakness followed.

I stopped taking the creon immediately.. There is this pain i feel when i stand and rest on my left leg, i dont know if it means anything, i started having it after making love and having orgasm ( seems something snapped, this was before the tunny pain started two years ago)

the Ct scan i did afterwards was also clean
Please help me