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I'm a 20 year old, fit male and around 2 years ago i started experiencing an ache in my testicles. The ache isn't excruciating and it doesn't impair my daily activities but it is very uncomfortable. Concerned, i went to my doctor who gave me some anti-biotics and this failed to ease the pain.

I then had a urine test which said i was fine although the pain had not subsided. I then had a scan at the hospital and the results were fine but there was a cyst on one of my tubes on my left testicle and my doctor explained that if i knock my testicle the cyst will cause me more discomfort than usual.

The ache still persisted and even when i knew i hadn't knocked my testicles they continued to ache. (The right testicle also aches but not as much as the left.) I went back to my doctor and i was given a blood test and the results again came back fine.

The ache subsided for a few months but now it has returned along with a less perpetual pain in my abdomen and the lower left part of my body and i went back to my doctor and had another urine test which came back fine again but the ache, particularly in my testicles, is still here.

The last few days i've also experienced seemingly random aches around my body, i don't know if it's connected with my other problem but at the moment it is proving to be just as enigmatic. My doctor also says that i've a small hernia on my lower left abdomen but he thought it was harmless and so advised to leave it.

If there is any advice anyone can give me to bring this rather unpleasant episode to a conclusion it would be massively appreciated. The lack of a diagnosis is very frustrating.


Have similar problem. Could be a virus! Might need anti viral medicine. Try ib prophin for the pain.