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Just before christmas i had an ache in my right testicle, which I went to see my Doctor about. He done the usual testicle inspections and said all appeared to be fine but if the pain hasn't gone come back in a month. For the next eight weeks the ache appeared to subside.

Towards the end of Feb the ache returned so I went back to the doctors, this time seeing a different chap, who again had a look but couldn't find anything but was concerned about the sensitivity he noticed whilst doing his inspection. he looked at my notes and noticed that I had been treated for a prostate infection five years earlier and concluded these can be hard to shift, he also said that I may have a low grade infection in the tubes at the back of my testicle, therefore a course of antibiotics may be the way forward. He also sent me for a blood test for my prostrate and a urine sample, which he didn't really explain.

It is now three weeks later and I am due to go back to the doctors in a few days, the antibiotics have done nothing and the ache now runs from my testicle up into my belly button area. I am now beginning to seriously worry about this!!! Does anyone have any light/experiences they can shed


Hi! I can’t say with certainty what it could be in your case, but my father had similar problems when he suffered chronic prostatitis.
I know you’ve already had problems with prostate and that you’ve been taking antibiotics but my father also had used them and they offered little benefits.
Chronic prostatitis is such a weird disease, I heard that antibiotics don’t help because they have a hard time reaching prostate.

I suppose that if your blood and urine tests don’t show any elevated white blood cells or bacteria, you may have to undergo ultrasound to have a proper picture of your inner organs.

You don’t have any problems urinating, or problems with your erection, or similar. Neither did my father but soon after he was diagnosed, he started experience most of the symptoms he is still fighting.

When is your next appointment? Feel free to share the results!