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Over the past week i've been noticing a feint shooting pain in both my testicles, though not at the same time. I believe there's tubes fixed to the back of your testicles and also a lump on the top of each. I know this is normal but it seems the pain is coming from the lump on my right testicle. The pain on my left is coming from the bottom.

I went to the docs two years ago and got told i have those veins on my left. Anyway i got pretty paranoid and the more i thought about it the more pain i seemed to get. My right testicle has also started to feel quite numb recently. It doesn't hang as low as the left and feels like it's squashing something to make it numb???

My lower back sometimes aches aswell for a few seconds then goes, plus an ache in my right inner thigh sometimes after the ache in my testicles.

Am i just being paranoid about everything and that's why i'm noticing things more often?? There's no lumps on either testicle and all i can imagine it being is either kidney stones, urine infection or some sort of blood clot??? Anyone else have the same sort of problems?


Ye i also have this type of feeling, it is in the top of my right testicle near the lump also like and aching feeling its not in great duration but when i touch it or sit down with my legs together i can feel it and sometimes when i stand for a couple of second i get the lower back ache in small durations too and ache down thigh also, could anyone give me a clue to what it is, maybe a kidney stone or urinary infection like the guy above me said


You may want to get checked for a hernia.


What are the symptoms of testicular cancer?

A lump in the testicle — although it may not be painful, it will cause slight discomfort.
Enlargement of one testicle after puberty.
Enlargement of the breasts (occurs with some types of testicular tumours).
If the cancer has spread, you may experience other symptoms, such as:

Low back pain.
Difficulty urinating.
Coughing and breathing problems.

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