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hey--i know most people say that adderall makes them drink more and w/out the drunk feeling. i drink on a regular basis and like 5 times this month i have blacked out and passed out to the point where my friends have been worried for my life. i mean i will be pretty jacked off the adderall and too much to drink and i just give out. they can't wake me up no matter how hard they try. i'm not going to do it anymore, but has anyone had this happen. i've never heard of it. i'm freaked out by it. what is happening in my body that would do that--not being able to wake me by smacking and even pouring water on my face. could my heart just stop? thanks in advance for responding.


OMG that just happended to me today and I have no idea whats going on, I have tried to sleep it off, but I still woke up dizzy. I am calling a triage nurse to see what she can tell me and Ill let you know.


I have had that happen to me before. But the cause of it was not alcohol, but stress on the body.

Adderral pushes your body further; it stimulates your nervous system.

Alcohol intoxicates your body; slowing it down as you become more inebriated.

In this case you have one drug that is pushing your body to stay conciouse and another drug that is trying to dum it down and depending on how much you drink, take it away.

The effects of the adderral and the alcohol are combatting one another at the expense of stressing your body. It can only take so much before it forces itself to shut down and sleep.

When drinking alcohol normally, your body has a limit it will take before you pass out. The adderral makes you go way passed that limit and forces your body to continue staying conciouse long after it normally would have shut down. So when your body does finally shut down and you pass out, your body is extremely exhausted, which is most likely the reason why they could not wake you up.

I have already posted 2 other times on the topic of adderral and alcohol under this other thread:

Please feel free to read it, I hope it helps to answer any questions you may have on the topic. Keep in mind though, I am not a doctor and do not have a medical degree. All my knowledge comes from the many things I have seen, done, read, and in short experienced.

Hope this helped, have an awesome day.