I am 33 years old and had my tonsillectomy on July 14th, so today is day 4 for me. I keep reading these posts and think how can this be ANY worse on day 6, 7, 8 etc? I was great on Monday and Tuesday probably because of all the Morphine haha. Day 3 for me wasn't as bad pain-wise in my throat but I was sooo nauseated and dizzy. Day 4 I woke up this morning and the pain was excruciating. I felt like someone lit a bunch of matches and dumped them down my throat. I have been in quite a bit of pain all day and am now taking my pain meds every 3 hours instead of 4. They make me so dizzy though and I hate it. I am scared for what's to come and will post again as time goes by. Oh and I had coblation, which I'm really glad I did after reading about how much worse it is having the traditional procedure done. How is that possible to be ANY worse than this???? UGH, scared to death of the next week to come.