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Right I know anal sex is the most dangerous method of sex, but hey.. I'm gay.

I have a BURNING ADVANCED question about STDs and how they are passed and tested for

Also on whether or not there are STDS that are untested for in the UK.

Here's the thing, I've had around 7 sexual partners apart from the first time where there was no relationship and excluding my current partner. Which 4 of them were unprotected. 3 girls 1 man.

My very first time was with an older man who took advantage of me in a particularly not wanting to go through with it experience. He did use protection though otherwise i wouldn't have went through with it.

Anyhow my questions are:

1. If chlamydia was contracted anally would it be discovered with a mouth or penis swab after say 60 or 80 days?

2. Could chlamydia be caught even if using a condom?

3. Can chlamydia be passed through infected linen (wet or dry semen) or from the toilet?

4. Is there STDs they don't generally test for in the UK that I should know of and try get tested for?

5. Is there any STDs that will cause severe liver problems?

Cheers all.

I really need these answers to start settling my mind. And to give up thinking about things that might not be true.

I really appreciate if an expert sees this and takes time to answer me.


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