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So...My boyfriend and I have had a rough road. He slept with a girl who had Chlamydia at some point in her life. I want to get tested, but my boyfriend doesn't have health insurance. What can I do?


I'm so sorry you're having a tough time with your relationship.  You don't need insurance to be tested for an STD you can take an STD screening through your county or state for little or no money.  It is usually apart of the Health Department or Disease Control for your state a simple Google search for your state should turn up something.  You need to go with your boyfriend and be tested so if treatment is needed you can get it together.  

Ideally, before you enter a begin to be sexually active with a new partner, you want to get tested together.  That will save you the trouble, worry and stress of dealing with it later.  Now is a good time to also get on birth control and determine whether or not you want to use condoms as a part of your birth control and disease prevention plan.  

Unless you both are 100% monogamous, it has to be: Safe Sex or No Sex. 

Best of luck.