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Thank you for taking the time to read my thread.

Whenever I wrestle I experience a bruising or blotching on my forehead and recently my cheek. The bruising is not scaly nor does it have any fluid under the skin. It is just a blotchy bruise. The blotches tend to last about a day, sometimes a little longer. They do not return until I wrestle again. I have a mild case of Psoriasis, but the blotching does not resemble that at all. I have done some research about these blotches but it is inconclusive. I thought at first that it may be some of the more common wrestling skin diseases, but it does not seem to have any of the symptoms.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


i have a blotch on my cheek which used to come and go. it's flat and appears to be present more often than not now. i wasn't born with it, but my grandfather had a similar blotch on his cheek. it is visible even when i don't shave. i am full blooded italian. any tips?