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my daughter (age 12) has discovered the interior of the labia is discolored, she discribed it as brown/black like a bruise, but only in a "spot" on one side of the labia. She has not had any sexual activity, and doesnt remember wrestling or bruising herself in any way. She just had her period, yesterday would be the last day. This "spot" is does not itch or hurt, or bother her in any way. What could this be? and is it a cause to be looked at by a doctor?


This hard one but i don,t think any one can relay say with out seeing at 12 i,m shore in not sexy but i have so ask if she may have been masturbating and if she may bruise her self that way. also you say she get her period and jest get done with it. How long hes she had her period and hes she ever used a tampon. and may she have heart her self what way. also may i ask did you take a look or did she come to you with this also i think It time for GYN to take a look if can,t afford to see a MD please send me a e-mail and i wall try and help some more. all so if you get time please post what you find out i,m really scratching my head on this one. I hope this help,s have good day