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Yellow, My wife tends to drink a bit too much alcohol and she has type 2 diabetes. I'm trying to get her to quit and she as a couple of times now. She says that she is having problems with hypoglycemia and alcohol withdrawal. When she starts feeling bad again, she start drinking again. Is there anyway around this? Can she take something that will prevent withdrawal symptoms? She says she feels anxious and yet sometimes depressed. She has these hunger spells and gets dizzy. She noticed that her blood sugar levels were lower than usual. I know that alcohol can make hypos worse but she's experiencing this several days after not drinking. Anyone know what to do? Thanks.


Hi, alcohol withdrawal and hypoglycemia is a real problem but there are ways around this. Just from you wifes diet, she is probably vitamin and mineral deficient. Drinking alcohol makes this problem even more pronounced. She is probably low in vitamins A, Bs and C at least and B12 may be a real problem. She may be deficient in potassium and magnesium and some of the trace minerals important for activating enzymes that run metabolic pathways. Try and get a good multivitamin and start taking that right away. You might want to double the dose for a week or so to get her system back up and running. To bring blood sugar levels back up even severals days after not drinking, have her eat smaller meals more often (say 4 to 5 times a day). This is to try and stabilize sugar levels. She still needs to stick to her diabetic diet as usual. Lean meat and fresh veggies and fruits (small amounts). To keep her away from unhealthy sweets try giving her bananas and dates. These are relatively low in sugar and taste sweet and will satisfy her sweet tooth. She can have carrot juice which is a good liver detox. You probably should dilute this a little with water as it is fairly high in sugar. If she likes artichokes, artichokes contain silymarin which is a liver detox. I don't suggest the ones in the can or those that are in salad dressing in the jar. Get a fresh one and you can eat it raw or steam it. Steamed is really good. You can dip that in olive oil and some herbs if you like. Artichokes have a fair amount of chlorophyll which cleanses the gut and whole body as well. Remember to drink a lot of water to flush her system. In between times, she can munch on some celery. Believe it or not, celery has many health benefits and one of them is that it can balance pH levels in the body. This will help her metabolism get back to normal. Try to understand what she is going through and be supportive. That in itself can make a great difference. I wish you the best.