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I binge drink. I got drunk last night after taking two nights off. Now have anxiety in a bad way. Will I suffer seizures or dt? Am afraid. Tx


Probably not. People who suffer from alcohol withdrawl typically are intoxicated all the time for at least a week or more (sometimes months or years). If you took 2 nights off, reached full sobriety, and didn't have any shakes or tremors than it's unlikely you would have any sort of other alcohol withdrawl syndromes.

Alcoholics who have had a withdrawl seizure in the past may never have one again during their withdrawl. Those who have never had a withdrawl seizure are just as likely to have one in their next withdrawl period as one who has had a seizure before. If you are experiencing shakes, tremors, or a fast heart rate when you stop drinking, you are having withdrawl. You are at risk of having hallucinations within 48 hours of sobriety or delerium tremens (DT's) within a week of sobriety. Delerium tremens can kill you. You need to either start drinking again or preferably go to your closest emergency department.

A word to the wise, if you drink so much that it scares you but you continue or if you drink so much that you get withdrawl symptoms when you stop, you are most likely an alcoholic. AA is the most available and most successful program to help you. Do not be scared to look up the local meetings on the web.

-An Emergency Doctor