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:-) %-) ohk..I know this sounds so werid but im nerveous about this.My boyfriend and I were going to have sex but we didn't so i just decided to put a condom on him for fun.Well he ejaculated(sorry details) in it and afterwards he complained about an itchy sore penis.AND he is a virgin and we didnt have sex and im a virgin as well. Is it allergic reaction to to latex or maybe spermcide???anybody help please?


don't mind the details unless it's uneccessarily graphic, it's good you can be mature enough to tell it like it happened and can help to explain things.

my guess would probably be a latex allergy. though i'm guessing you gave him a ha****b? the motion of that could cause some irritation. maybe you should try something like a polyurethane condom read here and see if the same irritation occurs.