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hi, I am almost 25 and my first born is turning 6 years old. I have tried to get pregnant in the past but have had some complications and am not able to carry to term. This is a long shot but I am wondering if there is anyone who is a private surrogate mother, or wanting to adopt their child.
Background checks, home reviews and qualifications would all be shared between both parties.
Contact me if this applies to you
thank you for reading my post



well if you are looking for a surrogate you must contact a clinic.The way you are looking will take a lot of time.Also, the guarantee that the contract between you two would be legal and etc will also cause a problem.The clinics out there not only have their own numerous surrogate options.But also they give you the legal contract themselves.As a result, you won't have to wait for the surrogate to be found and many other complications.The clinics choose the healthy women who can bear children easily.Best of luck girl.