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Almost everyday I have a stomach ache or a headache. I get dizzy a lot from the head aches. I am 14. I am constantly in and out of the nurses office and I also get headaches around and under my eyes. I'm always tired. And I have trouble sleeping. The stomach aches prevent me from eating and drinking a lot. If anyone could give me any ideas of what it would be. I have looked for answers and asked my doctor but nothing. Thanx!


Have you just started high school?  It sounds like you may have a lot of stress from school or home.  You may think you are stressed but you might be.  Do you have tons of homework to keep up on?  Maybe a relationship that you are excited about?  Even good stress can cause sleeplessness and an upset stomach.  Of course, without sleep you are tired all the time and trying to stay awake can give you a headache.  Hormones could be the culprit, too.  Take time to practice some stress relief, like reading a good book or a quiet time to yourself to write in a journal.  Organize your time so that it will be less stressful to keep up on your responsibilities.  Hopefully, this advice is helpful to you.  Good luck!