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im a virgin.. i didnt have sex but the guy tried to force himself on me and only got the tip of himself in 3 times before i pushed him away...he didnt have a chance to do anything but im still worried that maybe he had some sperm on it... this was on morning of jun. 11... my period came on jun 24 in middle of the day (which is weird) and only lasted 2-3 days ( my avg is 5 days) it was barely there on 3rd day...i took a urine pregnancy test on june 29th its was NEGATIVE! but now its july 28 and i still havent gotten another period! my periods are usually 3 weeks apart from last day of a period to the first day of the next. Also my periods have always been irregular but the past few months leading up to the incident they were regular. i havent had any morning sickness. but i have frequent urination. also recently i started eating healthier. i dont know if that matters... i appreciate you guys time please help me to figure this out... i cant tell anyone about this so its really hard for me to go to a doctor for a blood test..



Becoming preganant is not that easy. only couple of sperm will not make you preganant. So be happy and relax.

Let me know if you still have a confusion.