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I had an abortion March 20th 2007, Just over 3 weeks now. I began having sex with my partner 3 days after and everyday unprotected since. This is not a mistake as we are planning a new pregnancy. I had a blood test done 3rd April 2007. My HCG levels were 129. I had another blood test done 10th April 2007 and my HCG levels have gone down.

Now Thursday 5th April I had some brown discharge which lasted for two days,(no smell or signs of infection), this looked like old blood, I dont understand why my HCG levels have gone down could I be pregnant.

I have had no period yet, and still testing positive with home pregnancy kits. Also some pregnancy symtoms have come back like sharp abdominal pain, tender breast, heartburn and hadaches.
Your advice is very much apprieciated x XD


all i have to say is girl the same thing happened to me..let me know what you find out.!!!