I'm a 20 year old male, and the past several months I've noticed an irritation in my anal area. It tends to burn, and occasionally itches overnight. I wipe and clean very well, and I take extra measures to clean those areas in the shower.

It seems that every week or so it returns. In other words, I'll experience two or three days of the irritation, and then there will be a hiatus where everything seems normal. Then all of a sudden it comes back within a week or two.

One other thing that is noticeable is that my boxers and back of my pants have an odor to them when I take them off. It's not at the point where I actually give off an odor in my surroundings, but the boxers do have a pungent odor when I take them off and try to detect a smell.

This is starting to become very annoying, and I'm wondering if anyone can offer any suggestions (or has experienced something similar to my problem). I'm assuming there are creams and things of the like that will ameliorate the problem.