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Hello everybody.

I've had nausea for 9 years now and I really need help to figure out what's wrong with me because it really ruins my life.

Here's my story...

All started when I ate pike-perch. After 4 hours I suddenly started vomiting violently until my stomach was completely empty, then I vomited some more. After about 2 weeks later I had "vomiting" which lasted couple weeks. 2 moths later I ate pike-perch again and exactly the same pattern repeated, but more violently (3 other persons ate the same food both times with no symptoms). From that moment I've had nausea everyday and had 3 times over week lasting "vomitings" in 4 months (nobody got it from me, so it wasn't contagious). Vomiting decreased little by little until I vomited only couple times a month but it never stopped until after 2 years when I stopped using milk (in its entirety, lactos-free didn't help). I think that somewhat this point I started to have very soft stools too. Later I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance althought I never had problems with milk before, until after that pike-perch incident. Nowadays I have to go to bathroom every morning (sometimes in real hurry) and it doesn't matter how loose my stool is, I usually don't have to visit bathroom again that day.

Some symptoms:
- Daily nausea, usually worse in the morning. Comes and goes without warning. Might get much worse in a matter of seconds and vice versa.
- Sometimes gets really bad, then continuous nausea lasting from days to weeks.
- Eating relieves mild nausea in 80% of cases from couple minutes to some hours.
- Tiredness and mild dizziness (especially when intense nausea)
- Bubbling and growling (growling usually after some hours from last meal and comes often with very unpleasant feeling and nausea)
- A lot of Burping (with or without nausea but burping might sometimes ease nausea)
- Often strong pressure (or something like that) feeling just under the breastbone and/or near navel.
- Soft stools (doesn't bother but worth mentioning)

I Don't have any pain or constipation.
For Several years No heartburn, then some, and now I have used acid-reducing drugs for about a year.

Some things I have tested :
- Many Prescription drugs (nausea, speed up stomach emptying etc.)
- Natural product-diet for Yeast Syndrome which made me feel worse and I started vomiting again (not often though).
- All kinds of diets to exclude food allergies.
- Acid-reducing drugs (used almost a year now)
- Lactic acid bacteria etc.
- Natural Digestive Enzyme Supplements
- Fiber-products (should make stools harder)

Tested with :

- gastroscopy (2 times, first time nothing and after several years sliding hiatal hernia).
- Colonoscopy
- CT-Scan
- Wide ranged blood work, everything's ok.
- Stool test: Blastocystis Hominis, treated with 400mg Trikozol but never checked if the parasite was removed.
- Ultrasound : kidneyparenchymas echo was was near livers echo (or something:). It's not common but these variations can occur (said the paper I got)
- H. pylori negative

Extra notices which probably have nothing to do with my sickness but then again...
- Can't play 3d first person shooter games nor watch movies filmed with handheld camera-style couple minutes longer without getting badly motion sick. Except for the bad eyesight and cylinders my eyes should be ok, at least that's what the optician said.
- Pike-Perch was fished from a lake with quite high concentrations of mercury and I have Amalgam fillings in 5 of my teeth.
- There's no smell of mold but I suspect that there might be some.

I would be very thankful if someone has any tips what to do now.


have you ever tried herbs and acupuncture?


OK. I want to start this post by saying that I am a senior biochemistry major at a large university who is about to graduate with honors. That is not to say ooh, look at me, but only to hopefully help to not have what I am going to say be dismissed as some sort of mad ramblings. I felt like I had to reply to your post as I went through something very similar with digestive problems. My stomach problems were also coupled with an aching lower back and skin problems on my scalp and nails that looks like psorasis, but according to the dermatologist I visited, was not. I found it very interesting that you mentioned you had five "silver" i.e. mercury fillings and that the fish that caused you to have a reaction were from a mercury laden pond. I cannot in any way assure you that I know what is going on with you but what I can say is that I had very similiar issues and mine were linked to the amalgams in my mouth. I especially can identify with you when you talk about the pressure type of feeling you have in your stomach. I use to get the same type of feeling about once a week linked with intense pain in my stomach and constant burping that could last for 3 to 4 hours. But for me, the main problem was my lower back. I had constant inflammation in my hip area which caused my body to kind of be in a permanantly twisted postion. I have little doubt that if I have not got rid of the mercury and went through some pretty serious physical therpay I would have enventually started to have bony ankylosis and finally rheumatoid arthritis (in my twenties, fun!). I was extremly sceptical when someone mentioned getting tested for mercury poisining, but I was at the end of my rope and was up for anything. To make a long story short, after two years, I am a brand new man. I'll finish with two important points: DO NOT go to a dentist who does not deal/believe in this kind of thing to get your amalgams extracted should you choose to do so. I have read from a pretty respected author on this subject, chemsit Dr. Andrew Cutler, that this can be very dangerous because the residue or mercury vapor can be breathed in during removal causing symptoms to worsen. Lastly, DO NOT try do chelation therapy on your own. I was given DMSA coupled with ALA for mine. I would take it for three days and then be off for three days and it was tough at times becaue it made me feel exhausted and dizzy, especially at first. But once I started seeing results it was easy to stay with it. However, removing a poison like mercury from your system can be dangerous without someone to walk you through it. O.K. hope this helps and if you want to read further I highly recommend Dr. Andrew Cutler's writings, some of which are posted on the web.


First I have to congratulate on your success in university , then apologize for such late reply but I don’t seem to get any email notifications about answered posts.

Thank you for your story. You have been through a lot… bony ankylosis, rheumatoid arthritis… uh! I’m very happy to hear that you got through it and are better now.

I started two message chains by accident (same topic) but the other one got more attention. There’s updated info.

Summary is that finally, after numerous diets etc, low-fat diet finally helped quite a lot to nausea. Diet didn’t help with soft stools etc. but I’m happy that the worst symptom got milder. Though I’m not through yet cause I’m aiming more symptom-free life. Doctors don’t want to do any more tests for now and now I’m trying to gather more information about what and how much, specifically causes my symptoms so next time I go see a doctor I’d have more info to get more tests done.

I had some minor skin issues before, small round (just about 0,5-1cm=0.2-0.4 inches diameter )white-colored flaky, sometimes itching spots. They expanded after time and got more red until faded away little by little. Now I get them very rarely and maybe just one at a time. Doctors didn’t know what they were but didn’t inspect any closer.

Thank you for the warnings concerning about chelation therapy and removing mercury fillings. Never heard about chelation therapy. As far as I know, dentists here are very skeptical about mercury fillings causing any problems so if I ever going to get rid of the fillings, I’m going to be extra careful choosing dentist.

Wish you success in biochemistry

To the other post, I’ve tried several natural products containing herbs. Never been in acupuncture since I get the feeling it would be short term solution, although when symptoms were very bad, short relief would have been very welcome.


Hi there, I do know that acupuncture has worked for some although I cannot speak much to how effective it is and I know it works differently on different people, depending. How long have you been dealing with this?


I've been dealing these symptoms for about 10 years now, although the past half year have been much easier since I started that diet. Even if I'm little sceptical about acupuncture (as well as zone therapy) helping these symptoms , I'm sure to try it if I get a good opportunity.


Hi. I had the same symptoms...nausea all day, everyday, pain under my right rib and in my middle stomach, bloating, and it turns out I have a hemanginoma on my liver! I never would've guessed it would be my liver! From what I read it's a collection of blood vessels that grows and they can push on the stomach and cause these symptoms. So I suggest getting a full abdominal ultrasound done.