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Hi, my name is Kellie and I'm fifteen years old. For the past two years, I have been suffering from severe anxiety attacks. My anxiety attacks have been little for the past two years, not much to be conserned with, but they have been getting worse. I'm with the colorguard in my schools marching band(flag-twirlers), and alot of people think that I fake anxiety attacks to get out of practice, this one girl, her name is Molly, she was trying to get me to tell her what is wrong with me. So I did, and she checked my heart rate, and it was a tad bit elevated, so she sent back on the field when I wasn't ready. But I'm getting off subject, thing being, last saturday the marching band went to Worthington, Ohio to compete. Lot of drama with the guard, anyway, I felt an aweful anxiety attack coming so I warned the person next to me. She was trying to get me to tell me director but I didn't think that I needed to, I'm used to anxiety issues. But it was like one minute I was having one, and the next, my vision blurred and the noise around me got real soft. Then the minute after that one, I am being elbowed twenty miles away from where I last remembered, I was kind of dazed, and my chest was pressured, and I was kind of light headed. It took a minute to realize where I was at. After some assessing, I realized, I passed out for the first time from an anxiety attack. It kind of scared me, because, it has been making me think nonstop for the past couple of days, what if there is something worse that is wrong with me than I have been thinking. This has also been making me think, is it going to get worse? I'm just kind of shaky right now. Great :-( , I just through myself into an anxiety attack just by thinking about it. If anybody has any advice about how to snap out of an anxiety attack quicker, or has any breathing methods, or any advice, I need it now more than ever. If this doesn't get fixed, then I'll have to quit Guard(flag-twirlers), the thing that I love most.


i understand you completely. i myself have severe anxiety and its a struggle.but the one thing i learned is that it possibly cant get worse.nothing is wrong with me.try no to focus on it so much.accept it.and that made seem hard right now but it works.dont worry okay?

if you ever need help just email me _[removed]_.

take care