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Hey everyone.

I recently found this site, and, as I could see, there are so many helpful advice and there are a lot of people with experience.

So, I really hope that you can help me in my problem…if I can call it that way :)

So, I recently spayed my dog. He was pretty much fine after this operation, without any problems. He was just a little bit sleepy but now, he is fine.

One thing that I don’t know is to how to take care of him after spaying?

I hope that you can give me some instructions for this?

Tnx in advance.



Hello. Look, Mika. I don’t understand why you didn’t ask your vet about this. It is normal procedure, you can ask him/her and he/she will tell you anything you need to know. But, never mind. Post-operative instructions are something that you need to repast – highly. He is probably sleepy because of anesthesia. You should know that dogs must be kept indoors after this surgery. This will help your pet to recover soon, and it will prevent complications and possible death from some infections, outdoor temperature, etc. Also, you should restrict your dog from jumping, running and playing 7 days after spaying him.



Hey there,


Just like Dog whisperer told you, there are so many things on which you need to pay attention after spaying your dog.


And, it is really, but really important.

Like he told you, you should not let your dog to get out.

But you should know that you should not give your dog to eat after he leaves the hospital. Leave him for a couple of hours.

Also, you should check him every two hours, if you notice bloody discharge, you should consult your vet about this.

Do not allow your pet to swim and do not bath him for 10 to 14 days after surgery.

To clean your pet, use a towel and be gentle.



Hey everyone out there.

How are you doing?


I am reading all your comments, and they are pretty helpful.

I am sad because I didn’t know anything about this after my dog had this surgery as well :/

I was following my vet’s instructions and I was reading some tips on the internet.

It is very important to prevent your dog to go out. I didn’t know that, and he caught some weird infection outside :/

When I went to see the vet with my dog, he was screaming on me, telling me that I am risking my pet's life :/

But, I didn’t know.

It is nice that you are trying to help all pet owners.

Thank you!



With help of the internet, it is really important to find the best advice how to take care of your dog after spaying.

You will learn – it is not that hard.

Of course, I totally agree that you need to consult your vet before doing it, and I am pretty sure that your vet should tell you what to do without asking him :/


You should also know that you need to isolate the animal from children and from other pets.

You need to make sure that your dog has a very comfortable spot to sleep, it needs to have some quiet place.

Look, your dog can be very nervous after this procedure and you need to do everything what's in your power to please him during recovery period.