42 year old, healty male, going on 11 weeks with on/off Strep throat C - culture comes back normal after a round of antibiotics (Ceftin and Amoxillon) and then returns as "scant." (4 "scant" results and 3 "normal"  Tonsils and throat have never recovered.  After the 3rd positive result, the doctor ordered an antimicro test to ensure the strain was sensitive to the antibiotics -- it was resistant to Erythomycin but I was never on it.  Every culture is the same strep C format (Beta H.).

Full blood work was done and everything is normal.  The view is it's limited to my throat area only.  Only got very ill (high fever and sore throat) during the initial (first) phase but the for the remaining weeks have been okay (minor cold symptoms and no fever).

I've santized, washed and cleaned everything in my home, replaced tons of toothbrushes.

I'm now on Omnicef for 10 days and lining up an appt. with an infecious diseases doctor.

Anyone have any thoughts?

What's the trick here to shake this bacteria?