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Hello guys,

I was wondering anyone here tracked calories using Fit Day? I used to track my calorie and I still do, but I never had tried this one. Can you tell me what I need to be focused on? 

Is there any journal, any list of groceries that I need to know?

You know what I mean, one day I can eat this, one day I am allowed to eat something other.  I track calories, but I do it somehow on my own, in some my way.

So, whatever you know, please let me know.

Tell me more about Fit Day.

Have a nice day! 


Hey there,

well, it is simple. There is not a lot of difference between this tracking calories and some other calorie tracker. 

But, basically, for me this is one of the best program, because now you can buy and download application on your smartphone, and you can know each day how many calories you can eat for one day. 

As I told you, it is really simple and I think that you are going to like it.

Anyone else agree with me? 

What do you think about this application?

I do have it on my smartphone and I my phone is always with me. It has some great reminders, and I am really satisfied with it.




Hey there,

Well, I do! I use FitDay for four months now, and I am pretty satisfied with it. It is totally correct, it is not a fake, and since then it works perfectly, without any mistake. Of course, there was  some bug, but they fixed it.

I am using Fit Day on my computer now, because it is much easier for me. I know that phones are much practical, but I just love to sit and plan my meals for next day.

That is how I work, and this formula, so far, works great for me. You will see.

Best wishes.