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Hey there,

I know a lot about this calorie trackers, because I had one that I really loved. But, I believe it is time for changes. Well, my friend showed me this one, Fit Day and it looks really nice indeed. 

But I don't know or I am not sure how Fit Day can really help me lose weight? It is all about balance, food that I eat or there is something else?

I mean, I know how these calorie trackers work, but I am now curious about this one. 

I believe that all I need to do is to track my calories properly and I will see some results.

What do you think? 

Enjoy your day! 


Good day,

well, as you said, there are not a lot wisdom about this Fit Day calorie tracker. It is simple just like any other, but it is much, much better than others. You will lose your weight easy, if you know how many calories you can eat per one day. So, when you decide to drink, for example, one cup of orange juice, all you need to do is to “tell” your Fit Day, and this program will count for you how many calories this one has. 

So, if you need to eat 1500 calories per day, you can count very easy what you can eat and when you need to stop.

This is the only way that you can lose your weight, but it is effective as well.

Good luck!




ok, thank you very much.  I am glad that is simple, it makes me happy. I had a lot of these calorie trackers and counters, but some of them were really complicated for me. I couldn’t use it :)

There are no to many reason why I would not use this.

Thank you, by the way for your experience and advice. I visited yesterday their official website, and I found it really easy,

You know, you just log in there and that is it. It seems easy, and I am glad because I found it.

Thank you once again, any advice is helpful to me.