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Hello girls,

Well, basically I do know what I need to do and how to count my calorie intake with FitDay. But, what about working out? Is there any option in this program that can help me to track and journal the days when I work out? What about my meals?

How do you journal your meals with FitDay? I am really curious, but somehow, I don’t want to experiment now, I want to know some things and then, I will learn :)

I really hope that someone in here can answer me on my questions.

Thank you guys so much, you are really great support! 


Easy :)

This is really easy you can log in from every place. You can set your weight goals and then, this application will get you to it. It is easy to journal your meals and work out each day, because it won’t take a lot of your time. You can track daily activity and analyze how many calories have you spent. It provides some features such as activity shortcuts, and that will help you to update your journal faster. You have some nutritional planer that will help you as well.

It is easy to track and journal everything.




Hey there,

A lot of people have that fear when they want to try something new. Somehow I understand that fear. But, you know that fear is one of the biggest break for you and for your brain. When you are afraid to do something, you will hesitate for a long, long time. 

The same thing is about the diet programs and diet applications. Well, you don't have to be afraid. You need to search a little but this app and you will see how it is nice and easy. The most important thing, you will find always something new that you are going to like. You have these extra app that helps you to journal your meals, groceries and workouts. 

FitDay is something the best so far that I am using.