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how effective is Fit Day losing weight journal? Can I really know how many calories I eat each day or I need to find some other program or journal?

People around me already have download it on their phones, and when we are going on lunch, for example, they just type what they are going to eat, and there it is - program counts you how  many calories are in that lunch. It is pretty amazing, but is it effective?

Is there maybe any bug that can make this program work wrong?

I know that I am maybe a little bit paranoid, but I am afraid of calories :)



Good day,

yes, you are a little bit paranoid, but I totally understand you because you are probably struggling hard with your weight as much as I do. There is always a question, is there a bug that can work wrong. Maybe, I don't know, but I didn't hear so far that someone was using this program and instead of 1500 calories that someone ate, for example, 2000 calories, because something was wrong with this program. I know how do you feel, but trust me, you will see that this one is effective.  

You just need to have a faith.

Good luck and tell me have you start to follow this journal



Lose weight with FitDay can be really, really easy way because, this is easy to use and free calorie counter for your mobile device and for your computer. It is easier than ever before. Did you know that Fit Day won a fitness award in 2008? Well, that is telling you a lot about how effective FitDay weight loss journal is. It has an amazing references.

Personally, I do love it and it is better that any other I have tried before.

Once you download it, you will see how effective is.

I know, it is time for you to know it.

Good luck!